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1st Session

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Preparatory Document S.I. 1

(Summary-extracts of several Poli's articles)


21 May 2009, 19:30-21:00

Aula Magna ICAI, Alberto Aguilera, 25

Universidad P. Comillas, Madrid


     Introduction by Javier Leach (Presentation_Sophia-Iberia_1st academic seminar - JL.ppt)

     Presentation by Roberto Poli  (Evolution and Anticipation_Poli_.ppt) (Summary)

     Questions & Answers (Summary)

     Poli's Presentation's Video

     Definitive version of Poli's Presentation (Evolution and Anticipation.doc)


22 May 2009, 12:00-14:00

     Interview of Roberto Poli by Jens Degett

     Interview's Video (The link to the video clip will be posted in a few days)


          Themes debated during the interview with their initial time marks.


                     Marks                                                                     Themes

                    00:00      Ech science represents only one view of reality. A tool is needed to understand the whole. 

                    04:22     The problem of understanding reality.

                    10:26     Science is only successful in understanding fragmented aspects of reality.

                    12:04     Life cannot be reduced into fragments without losing information.

                    18:26     A unique feature of life is its anticipatory ability.

                    20:22      During the past century many philosophers have worked on the understanding of anticipation.

                    23:28     What is anticipation? Are there several types of anticipation?

                    32:05     All living systems contain some anticipatory ability.

                    36:12    Anticipation and consciousness.

                    40:36   Anticipation predisposes an organism to react on what may happen.

                    43:08     Is ontology not in itself reductionistic?


May 2009, 19:30-21:00

Aula GarcĂ­a Polavieja, Alberto Aguilera, 23

Universidad P. Comillas, Madrid 

     Debate Session (Summary

      Javier Monserrat's Contribution 

      Contribution by Javier Leach.doc 


Preliminary Conclussions


Addenda (Reflections and comments a posteriori by Roberto Poli and the other participants)

M. LORENTE - Addenda to Session I.doc (with a brief comment from Poli at the end)


Summary Session I_Poli.doc (Recompilation of this session's most written materials)


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