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3rd Session

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9 September 2009, 16:00-19:30
Facultad de Filosofía
Universidad Católica de Portugal
Braga, Portugal


     Interview of Manuel Curado by Jens Degett

     Interview's Video


Themes debated during the interview with their initial time marks.

Time Marks Themes
0.12 How is rationality ralated to evolution?
1.43 Is rationality universal?
3.17 Could there be different types of rationality?
7.26 Could another life form have another type of rationality?
10.16 What influence does our social situation have on rationality?
15.00 Is there any contradiction between rationality and evolution?
17.09 Is the human rationality a result of evolution?
21.30 Would rationality and logic exist without humans?



     Introduction by Christine Heller 

     Presentation by Manuel Curado and Q/A  (Curado - DRAFT SOPHIA IBERIA Sept 2009.pdf)

     Summary of Curado's Presentation and Q-A.doc

     Curado's Presentation's video


     Debate Session (Debate with Manuel Curado.doc


     Javier Monserrat's contribution to Curado's Presentation.doc


     Preliminary Conclusions


Addenda (Reflections and comments a posteriori by Manuel Curado and the other participants)



Summary Session III (Recompilation of this session's most written materials) 




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