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4th Session

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15 October 12:00-14:00


     Interview of Francisco Mora by Jens Degett (Video)

Themes debated during the interview with their initial time marks.
Marks                                                        Themes
00:00      The development of the brain goes back to the most primitive organisms.
01:50      The development of a central nerve system and the human brain.
09:52      The development of abstraction and reason.
15:39      Male and female brain.
16:37      What is conscience and where do we find it in the brain?
22:09      The "appearance" of a thought in a neural circuit.
24:18      In what direction will our brain develop in the future?


     Interview of Camilo José Cela Conde by Jens Degett (Video)


               Themes debated during the interview with their initial time marks


               Marks                                                                   Themes


               00:00    The evolution of human the last 700.000 years

               00:35    All hominids were different from chimpanzees as they were bipedal

               03:58    During the last 250.000 years human culture and human brain has evolved to current stage

               05:53    Human brain is not only a question of size but also function.

               10:25    The human brain may or may not have evolved gradually or in steps.

               15:24    Human child communication abilities compared to the chimpanzee child

               17:40    Chimpanzees have highly developed social skills, but not as much as humans

               19:51    Where is the ability of reason and creativity located in the brain?

               24:11    The male and female brain react so differently on art as if they were two species

               25:33    Could the human brain capacities degenerate if not pushed by evolutionary pressure?

               26:51    We have evolved but creativity was also present among prehistoric human species


15 October 2009, 16:00-18:00

Aula García Polavieja, Alberto Aguilera, 23

Universidad P. Comillas, Madrid


     Presentation by Francisco Mora (Mora - SOBRE EL ORIGEN DE LA RAZON HUMANA 2009.doc)

     Audio of Mora's Presentation (in Spanish)

     Summary of Mora's Presentation


     Presentation by Camilo José Cela Conde (Cela - 2009 El origen de la mente Sophia-Iberia.pdf)

     Video of Cela's Presentation (in Spanish) 

     Summary of Cela's Presentation     


15 October 2009, 18:15-20:00

Aula García Polavieja, Alberto Aguilera, 23

Universidad P. Comillas, Madrid 

     Summary of Debate Session


Javier Monserrat's contribution to Session IV.doc


Preliminary Conclusions


Addenda (Reflections and comments a posteriori by the professors and the other participants)


Summary of Session IV (Recompilation of this session's most written materials)


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