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Page history last edited by Amparo García-Plaza 13 years, 11 months ago


After the initial debate of the work plan the tentative calendar is as follows:


This initial calendar has been superseded by the Seminar Sessions Program



Start of Academic Seminar

December, 2008

Introductory document (SI team)

Proposal for a work plan

December, 2008

Initial debate of subthemes (STh)

January - Mid February, 2009

STh.I  - Session 2

Sensitivity-consciousness and psychic subject

Mid February - March, 2009

STh.II  - Session 3

Memory and the genesis of representation

April, 2009

STh.III - Session 4

Animal knowledge and human knowledge

May, 2009

STh.IV - Session 5

Nature of reason

June, 2009

STh.V - Session 6

Imagination and formalization in the exercise of reason

July, 2009

STh.VI - Session 7

Reason emergency in the origins of mankind

September, 2009

STh.VII - Session 8


October, 2009

End of the Academic Seminar

October, 2009

Publication of Report

January, 2010



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